A guide to how to take part

Step 1

Invite your friends and colleagues

Download the app onto your phone and register. Create your first group and you’ll be given a unique group code. Share this code with your friends, and they’ll be able to join you on the Digital Ale Trail Challenge.

The app is now available on Android and iOS phones. Sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated in the lead up to the challenge starting on 1st July 2016.

Digital Ale Trail - Invite your friends and colleagues
Step 2

Start the ale trail

When the ale trail starts, on 1st July, you’ll be able to begin your trail. We’ll give you your first destination, and we’ll give you directions and even call you a cab, if you need us to.

Step 3

Check in

When you arrive just click "check in" to get exclusive deals on drinks, find out more about the venue, and to start the challenge. We’ll send trivia questions your way every so often to keep you on your toes…

Digital Ale Trail - Check in
Step 4

Earn points

Every question you answer earns you points, and every point gives you the chance to triumph over your friends. How will you rank on the scoreboard?

Step 5

Follow the trail

Once you’ve answered enough questions (or enough time has passed) you’ll be given the chance to check out and see where the trail takes you next.

Digital Ale Trail - Earn points
Step 6

Play to win

When you’re ready click "finish the trail" to end your ale trail. You’ll be able to see how you ranked against other groups, and you’ll automatically get entered for the chance to win one of our great prizes.

Digital Ale Trail - Win Prizes